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Critical Care FREE Mock Test


  • Post MBBS – Two Years of ICU experience, Post IDCCM, Post DNB or FNB Critical Care


Free EDIC & IDCCM Part I examination is a multiple-choice question written examination in English. The exam contains:

  1.  Type A questions – out of the five options (A to E) available, the single best answer has to be chosen
  2. Type K questions – The type K questions require an individual to answer T (true) or F (false), to each of the four statements, A to D.

Silent points:

  1. Topics – All major topics of EDIC, IDCCM covered
  2. Results – Examination results will be mailed to the registered Email ID
  3. Questions – Set by UK based examiners
  4. Timings – Portal will remain open from 10 am to 10 pm